Metropolia's guidelines concerning coronavirus

Read about the impact of coronavirus on Metropolia's operations.

Preventing Covid-19 coronavirus infections

Despite the pandemic, HyMy-Village is open.

We follow the coronavirus situation and strictly adhere to the official instructions and safety guidelines in all our activities. At HyMy-Village, we care about the wellbeing and safety of both our customers and students. We take care of good hygiene and use professional protective equipment in all our services. We also follow safety distance instructions and have arranged our waiting area and customer service desks accordingly.

When visiting our services, we will provide you with protective equipment such as a face mask and/or protective gloves for the visit, if necessary. We kindly ask you to take care of good hand hygiene and coughing / sneezing etiquette while visiting.

Please only come to our services if you are feeling healthy and have no symptoms. If you experience symptoms before your visit, please cancel your appointment as soon as possible by calling or texting our service numbers: tel. 040 334 5629 or tel. 040 653 1722. All cancellations are free of charge.

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Pit Stop - counseling point 

Pit Stop is an easy-access, free of charge counseling point for health and social issues. Consultation and guidance is provided by health care and social services students. 

You can get guidance for e.g. 

  • Health and wellbeing issues 
  • Use of electronic services  
  • Housing issues, finding a residence 
  • Kela-matters or other benefits. 
Submitted on 29.12.2020 - 11:26