Metropolia's guidelines concerning coronavirus

Read about the impact of coronavirus on Metropolia's operations.

Preventing Covid-19 coronavirus infections

Despite the pandemic, HyMy-Village is open.

We follow the coronavirus situation and strictly adhere to the official instructions and safety guidelines in all our activities. At HyMy-Village, we care about the wellbeing and safety of both our customers and students. We take care of good hygiene and use professional protective equipment in all our services. We also follow safety distance instructions and have arranged our waiting area and customer service desks accordingly.

When visiting our services, we will provide you with protective equipment such as a face mask and/or protective gloves for the visit, if necessary. We kindly ask you to take care of good hand hygiene and coughing / sneezing etiquette while visiting.

Please only come to our services if you are feeling healthy and have no symptoms. If you experience symptoms before your visit, please cancel your appointment as soon as possible by calling or texting our service numbers: tel. 040 334 5629 or tel. 040 653 1722. All cancellations are free of charge.

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Do you experience back pain, neck pain or headaches? 

Osteopathy studies and treats musculoskeletal and functional disorders of the body. Osteopathy students examine and treat people with functional musculoskeletal symptoms such as back pain or headaches.  

Osteopathy is based on manual diagnostic skills and treatment methods. Manual treatments may relieve long-term and acute pain. Osteopathy services at HyMy-Village include musculoskeletal examination, treatment and counseling. 

A visit to an osteopathy student 

At HyMy-Village, osteopathy students are completing a practical internship as part of their studies, the purpose of which is to practice professional and customer service skills. Practical learning situations take place under the guidance of a supervising teacher. In addition, student colleagues may also be monitoring the learning situation. 

On the first visit, the osteopathy student conducts a comprehensive interview on the training customer’s health history and observes and examines posture and spinal mobility with various movement exercises. Hence, wearing clothes such as shorts, and a sleeveless shirt are recommended. Some exercises require that the customer be in their underwear or at least in minimal clothing.  

On the following visits, the student will continue to study, observe, and sense the functions and structures of the whole body. This includes both soft tissues and the movements of the spine and limbs. Manual manipulation and exercises are performed. After the examination, the student, together with the customer, makes a plan to support the customer’s everyday life and possible rehabilitation. 

The student can also give the customer self-care instructions, which are reviewed together with the customer. The recommendation for osteopathy is a visit once a week for 3-5 weeks but the assessment is always made individually.  

Price list 

First visit: initial interview and examination60 minutes30 €
Follow-up visits: interview, examination, and treatment60 minutes30 €

Good to know before the visit 

What is a training customer? 

Everyone is welcomed as a training customer in HyMy-Village. Doctor’s referral is not required. As a training customer, you will be acting as a customer for our students in a safe and supervised learning environment. This practice enables supported customer encounters corresponding to the actual practical work that the students will face within their own professional fields.  

With training customers, it is possible for students to practice their professional skills in a safe and supported learning environment, under the guidance of a supervising teacher and staff. Some of the skills that students will be learning: 

  • Interaction 
  • Professional skills 
  • Customer service situations 
  • Multidisciplinary cooperation 
  • Documentation 
  • Data collection. 

Training customer visit is a learning situation and it will therefore include e.g. guidance from the supervising teacher. The supervising teacher will always check and approve the examination and rehabilitation plan. Hence, interviews, examination, and other tasks might be slower compared to other professional services. 

If a training customer appears to be under the age of 13, his or her age will be checked. Parental consent is required for those under the age of 13 to participate in the activity. 


Metropolia has a health insurance for patient injuries covered by the Patient Injury Act. Metropolia also has general liability insurance for damages taking place in education. The terms and conditions of the liability insurance can be seen in HyMy-Village. 

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