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Thesis as part of the studies at universities of applied sciences, gives employers a good opportunity to get acquainted with future Metropolia experts in a flexible way.

Thesis is mainly designed to meet the needs of the employer and the content is tightly linked with the curriculum of the particular study field. Thesis can be carried out as a personal or a small scale group project.

Both Bachelor and Master degrees include thesis.


Students decide individually when they begin working with their thesis, but generally they complete it during the last year of their studies.

Thesis job offers for students can be sent all year round.


The aim of the thesis is to develop and demonstrate the student's ability to apply acquired knowledge and skills in practical expert functions related to professional studies.

Thesis is a theoretical or empirical research, development or planning project. It may also contain an artistic section.

Thesis workers from the Field of Culture

Studies at degree level in the field of Culture gives an opportunity to specialize in number of careers - below there are listed some examples of types of jobs for thesis workers.

Examples of thesis projects


  • Conservation and documentation of the project
  • Material research
  • Developing conservation techniques
  • Historical research projects


  • Designing business gifts
  • Designing a collection
  • Product research
  • Interior design
  • Planning a project in a textile industry

Fashion and Clothing

  • Production or quality control
  • Developmental project in logistics
  • Designing work uniforms
  • Planning and developing ranges

Film and Television

  • Adapting and analysing the principles of cinematic expression
  • Film production process and assessing it from different work tasks' point of view
  • Executing and developmentally assessing a TV program
  • Executing and developmentally assessing a radio program
  • Research and development of radio and TV work
  • Journalistic research


  • 3D-projects
  • 3D technology developmental projects
  • Designing presentation material
  • Sketching the outlook of a book or a magazine
  • Designing the visual look of a marketing campaign

Thesis workers from Metropolia Business School

The degree programme of Business Administration gives an excellent opportunity to take on various tasks in business life - a few examples have been listed here either by major subject or degree programme.

International Business

  • Customer relationships management of XXX Ltd.
  • Challenges in Managing ERP Implementation Project in International Company
  • Internal marketing communications and its developing in international company Case XXX Ltd
  • Airline's market entrance to Finland Case: XXX
  • Orientation plan for XXX Ltd
  • The recruitment challenges in Russian for a starting business, How is the XXX Ltd succeeding in recruitment?

Marketing and Logistics

  • Image Stude Case: XXX Ltd
  • Measuring the effectiveness of campaign advertising from customer questionnaire: Commercial centre XXX as an example
  • A company's quality development after adopting a new operation management system
  • Marketing plan for XXXLtd
  • A customer satisfaction research for XXX Ltd
  • Designing and executing web pages for XXX Ltd

Accounting and Finance

  • Preconditions of a successful Corporate Acquisitions - Preparations, Finance and Taxation
  • Stock options as a part of the management bonus system
  • The data-processing systems of financial administration in small companies
  • Corporate governance, audit and risk management
  • The development plan of well-being at work for XXX Ltd
  • The selling and the reorganization of the business of a small company. Case: XXX Ltd

International Business and Logistics (IBL)

  • International Business and Logistics is a new degree programme which will begin for the first time in autumn 2008. First students are doing their thesis' around the year 2011 onwards.

European Business Administration

  • How to promote the sales and consumption of fair coffee trade in Finland
  • Controlling Asia: Conflicting powers
  • Investigative study into successful project management from the point of view of non-profit organizations
  • Branding freedom and its enemies: A case study in combative branding in the international political economy

European Management

  • Industrial maintenance outsourcing in Finland
  • Improving the quality of customer service Case: Company XXX
  • Joint venture opportunities in economically modernise Vietnam
  • Importance of Public Relations in product launches

Theses workers from Health Care and Social Services

Studies in Health Care and Social Services enable the student to specialize in different fields of the sector.

Theses are mainly completed as a research and developmental projects in co-operation with the employers. They are designed to meet the needs of businesses and employers alike.

The subject of the thesis is tightly linked with the core content of the degree programme and as the thesis is a learning method it prepares the student for practical applications. Thesis can be carried out as a developmental project, research project or it can be a product, which will enable to enhance the practices and create new methods and procedures for the needs of the professional world.

Thesis workers from Technology

Examples on Bachelor's Theses

Automation Technology

  • Ethernet-network in Frequency Converter

Bio and Food Technology

  • Comparison of Genome Scan Methods

Building Services Engineering

  • The long-term reliability inspection of a sprinkler system

Chemical Engineering

  • An evaluation of Silica Calcination Technology

Electronics Engineering

  • Tester for PXI-testing system

Industrial Management and Engineering

  • Designing a fleet management system for European traffic in an international moving company

Information and Communication Technology

  • Online Tool for Personal Study Planning
  • Feasibility study of WiMAX
  • Pilot Thyratron Tracking and Management System
  • Interactive television studio concepts

Land Surveying Technology

  • Island Real Estate Valuation in Inkoo's Archipelago

Materials Technology and Surface Engineering

  • Developing a new electroplating line


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