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As a professional your expertise and employment path are based on what kind of competence you have. You also need to be able to explain your competence to employers in a way that they understand how their business and operations will benefit from hiring you.

Recognition of competence - why is it important?

Knowing your strengths is a crucial skill in job search in Finland. Yet, for many it is difficult to identify competence and to put it into words.

You have plenty of invaluable competence built up through studies, work and other experiences and spheres of life. This competence needs to be shown to Finnish employers in the local terms. It is not only about what is said in the study and work certificates.

Showcasing your competence in a new country can be challenging, as professional qualifications, practices and expectations as well as interpretations of these can vary from one country and culture to another.

SIMHE services help you show your talent and skills

In Metropolia SIMHE services (Supporting Immigrants in Higher Education in Finland) we help immigrants with a higher education background to define their competence profile in Finland, find their own path and improve access to the Finnish job market.

Guidance and tools to all international professionals living in Finland

  • SIMHE personal guidance discussion will help you not only map your competence and put it into words, but also to understand professional qualifications in Finland and to develop your competence - based on your own needs
  • Guidance Generalia lectures regularly discoss topics related to recognition of competence
  • Tips and links on our website help you get started with exploring e.g. what professions require formal validation of your right to practise the profession, how you can start the process of identifying your competence and where you can develop your competence

SIMHE expert service for recognition of competence for limited target groups

We provide an expert service for recognition of competence to limited target groups in collaboration with our partner organisations. For the time being the service is available under specified conditions to foreign-language speakers with a higher education degree from abroad who are unemployed jobseekers in the employment services of Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kerava. The service is part of the Career Boost programmes.

The service gives you the opportunity to map your competence and your development needs together with an expert of your professional field.


  • Map what kind of skills and competence you have acquired through your previous studies and work and how that relates to expectations in Finland
  • Identify development needs and ways to build up your competence in Finnish educational institutions
  • Enhance your entry to the local labour market
  • Help you integrate faster into Finnish society


  • Guidance to mapping competences
  • Guided and field-specific self-evaluation
  • Discussion with an expert of your professional field: personal mapping of competences and guidance on developing competence and finding employment
  • Reference document showcasing your competence

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SIMHE services

What are SIMHE services about and what opportunities do international professionals and future talents have with us? SIMHE helps you find your study and career path in Finland.

Personal guidance discussion

In a one-to-one discussion with a SIMHE Career Coach you will identify the suitable study and career path for you and start mapping your competence, based on your individual needs.

Guidance Generalia lectures

The Guidance Generalia are lectures and info sessions open to all immigrants. The topics are selected to help you navigate your study options and develop your career prospects in Finland.

Higher education preparatory programme for immigrants

Do you wish to study for a degree in Finnish in a university of applied sciences? Metropolia provides studies to prepare you for this. The courses are taught in Finnish.

Study opportunities and developing competence

Are you interested to study Finnish or to develop your field-specific competence? Metropolia offers you a wide range of options from individual courses to tailored programmes and full degrees.

Tips for information search

A lot of information is available to support you in finding your path in Finland. We have collected some tips and links for you on where to get started with your search on professional qualifications, studies, employment, entrepreneurship and learning Finnish.

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