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Creating Positive Future - FUTU project is continuation to the project Motive - New future planning approaches for young people (S20920). FUTU project aims to develop the working life abilities of the young people in a vulnerable position at the job market. Means to achieve the project goal are promotion of future-oriented positive thinking, lifemanagement skills and ability to take action. In addition, the project can support the young people into further vocational training and transition into the job market.

  1. By the means of future-oriented counseling, to support the young people to see alternative ways to build a positive and realistic future. Aim is to see one’s own future as something that includes positive options and is worth striving for.
  2. To further develop, take in use and disseminate the future-oriented counseling and action models developed in MOTIVE project. To promote the use of gender sensitive methods in group-counseling amongst the project actors and in their networks in Greater Helsinki.

The methods chosen have basis on experiences of young people, support active participation and respect the wishes and needs of young people. The pessimistic short-sightedness will be transformed into aims, inspiration and encouragement regarding the future. The young people will be empowered to plan their own future. The action strengthens active participation, gender equality, social sustainability and social equality.
In the long run, the project will strengthen active participation in working life as well as gender equality and social equality. The project will contribute into building a society that is more multicultural and socially sustainable, especially for immigrant girls but also for the young and the young men to whom it is challenging to form a durable customer relation to different welfare society services.


  1. Future-oriented counseling and action models, based on everyday life of young people, to promote work and action-taking ability
  2. practice-based data and as conclusions on this data recommendations for how future-oriented counseling modelsand practices can be adapted to multidisciplinary work.

Project is implemented by Metropolia UAS, Valo-Valmennusyhdistys, young people’s workshops in Helsinki Vocational college (Stadin ammatti- ja aikuisopisto) and Espoo Hirviportti group home for immigrant youth under 18. The project utilizes communication from the Family Homes Association, outreach youth work, the National Workshop Association, Verke, the Settlement Association, the Finnish Social Pedagogical Society and the members of the steering group and their networks.

The project will be implemented during 1.5.2020-31.8.2022.