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The project aims to update the competence of staff in new digital radiographic imaging technique.

Change from the film/screen (conventional) radiography imaging systems to digital imaging has brought radiographic imaging departments in front of vast challenges in many respects. First of all general guidelines and working models for performing the imaging process with the new technique optimising the radiation dose and image quality of radiographs are needed. The second challenge derived from the first one is to update the competence of the staff working in imaging units and educate the new health care personnel who are in the middle of their studies to match the needs of the new technique.

The project purpose is to increase the competence of staff working in imaging units by evidence based education in digital imaging and dose optimisation according to the principles of ICRP and DIMOND 3 in three Scandinavian countries: Finland, Sweden and Norway. Specific objectives are to:

  • Plan and implement Scandinavian evidence-based course plan in digital imaging and dose optimisation and the materials needed on the basis of national and international regulations about the subject in bachelor degree (juvenile), candidate, masters and PhD degree (juvenile and adult) and life long (adult) education.
  • Product materials for the education
  • Evaluate the evidence-based course plan in quality of digital imaging and the materials produced.

The project management group consists of radiography lecturers, principal lecturers and physicists of College University of Gjøvik - Norway, Karolinska Institutet - Sweden, University of Oulu -Finland, Oulu University of Applied Sciences - Finland and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences - Finland. Also students of these organizations are involved in the project from very beginning.

The project has been planned to be realized between autumn 2008 and spring 2011. The first Scandinavian meeting of the project management group took place 1st - 2nd Dec 2008 in Helsinki Finland and the second one in Oulu 14th - 15th September 2009. As a result of these meetings e.g. the core competencies of the learning modules for juvenile level education were formed as well as the view of multimedia solutions used in the e-based course.

  1. Gjovik University College, Norway,
  2. Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Finland,
  3. University of Oulu, Finland,
  4. Oulu University of Applied Sciences