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Funded by Erasmus+ERMIScom (Common curricula for diversity: education in media and integration of vulnerable groups) aspires to develop a common curriculum among involved Higher Education Institutions (HEI) aiming to enhance the efficacy of media courses to counter fake news and hate speech spread online on social media in order to facilitate the social integration and inclusion of vulnerable social groups. The project consists of a range of Work Packages and Intellectual Outputs.

In the project, Metropolia is the leader of Intellectual Output 7, Transformative Methodological Approach: Teaching, Training, Learning. The specific IO is under the leadership of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, due to its strong expertise in modern teaching & e-learning methods. Metropolia holds interactive & collaborative learning at the center of its educational approach, & aims to provide an enriching & constructive student-oriented culture in diverse learning environments.

Project background and objectives

Nowadays social media constitute the most powerful tool in reporting current socio-political themes such as integration and inclusion policies worldwide. Through their social network, they have the potential to facilitate the integration and inclusion of vulnerable social groups in the social milieu of Europe. Unfortunately, social media instead of combating discrimination, is many times the origin of fake news and hate speech, which aggravates this situation.

Education of journalists and social media professionals is the decisive factor of whether social media would become the driving force of integration or the agent giving floor to prejudices and stereotypes. Therefore, universities need to be equipped with a curriculum that can enable graduate students aiming to work in the field of journalism and social integration, as well as in PR departments or public institutions to promote European values of democracy, justice, human rights, dignity, European citizenship and strong institutions.

Hence, the main objective of this project is to tackle skills gaps in the field of journalism and social media by developing a curriculum, which will provide students with the skills and competences to adequately research and report on social inclusion and integration related topics, while at the same time countering and combating stereotypes, prejudices, racism, xenophobia and anti-migrant sentiments and informing about possibilities in regards to social entrepreneurship, social economy and social innovation, which will enable the promotion of social integration values and support integration efforts.

The long term aim of this project is to change the society’s mindset and to create an inclusive society, free from discrimination and radicalisation, which will be in the position to develop and grow in a sustainable and democratic living environment.



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Aura Kaarivuo
Senior Lecturer
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