Metropolia's guidelines concerning coronavirus

Read about the impact of coronavirus on Metropolia's operations.

Welcome to Spend a Semester/Year with Us!

If you received an acceptance letter from Metropolia to your email, congratulations - you will spend the next semester or academic year with us! We are looking forward to having you here in Finland!

Field-Specific Information

Next Steps to Check

Formally Accept the Offered Exchange

Accept the offered exchange at Mobility-Online

  • Log in to the Mobility-Online system
  • Click on the link “Accept or reject the offered exchange period”
  • Choose “Yes” or “No”
  • Save the decision by clicking “Create”.

By choosing “Yes” you also commit to the exchange process, and by choosing “No” your application process ends here.

Inform Metropolia’s International Office immediately if there are changes to your exchange period.

HOAS Student Housing

Arrange accommodation before arrival

If you have not yet applied for housing, do so most urgently. See more information on Accommodation. Make sure to have a place to stay for your first few nights and most definitely for your whole stay in Finland before arrival!

HOAS will soon start sending housing offers via e-mail.

  • Once HOAS has found you a room they will send you a housing reservation by e-mail. Check your e-mail on a regular basis - also junk mail / spam mailbox. Most HOAS reservations are sent out during June/November. If you have not received a housing reservation e-mail by July/early December, apply for other accommodation options.
  • When you receive an offer, accept it soon. If you do not accept it by the deadline, the housing will be offered to someone else. You will not get a second offer. If you need more response time, please contact HOAS.
  • If you didn't get the kind of housing or location you wished for, it means that your first choice was no longer available. It is common in Finland to live further away from the campus, and the public transportation system is excellent. 
  • Read the detailed instructions on the HOAS website for exchange students. Please note especially that a signed housing reservation is a valid tenancy agreement which cannot be cancelled or edited afterwards. The agreement will be made only for full semesters.

Receiving the HOAS keys

Please see the HOAS website for the instructions when to pick up your keys. The HOAS office can be found in the city centre of Helsinki (address: Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 29, Helsinki).

Please plan your arrival in Helsinki so that you can pick up your key during the office hours. If you arrive outside their office hours, please be prepared to book a hostel or hotel room until you can pick up the keys from the HOAS office.

In the upcoming spring semester the first possible day to pick up the keys and to move in is 4 January 2021.

Travel Documents and Health Insurance

Apply for a residence permit (if needed)

Check if you need a residence permit and begin the application process immediately. Note that the process takes at least 6-8 weeks. Please look into the Enter Finland e-service for permits, and for further information consult the Finnish Immigration Service.

All students whose study period in Finland is longer than 3 months are required by law to obtain a Finnish Personal Identity Code. Please remember to apply for a Finnish Personal Identity Code when filling the residence permit application.

Check the validity of your passport

Make sure you have a valid passport for your entire stay in Finland.

Check your health insurance

Arrange health insurance for your stay in Finland.

  • If you come from outside EU/EEA-countries, take a private travel and/or medical insurance. You will need the insurance already for the residence permit application.
  • If you are from EU/EEA-countries, get the European Health Insurance Card for the health care services. Also a private health insurance is strongly recommended.

See more on insurance.

Purchase travel tickets to Helsinki and arrive before the orientation days of your field of study

Covid-19 update: Essential travel to Finland is possible from Schengen countries. During border checks, the traveller may be asked to present documents to verify that the entry requirements are fulfilled. Please note that this information is dependent of the Covid-19 situation. You can check up-to-date information from the Finnish Border Guard and Finnish Government.

Orientation days are organised for all incoming exchange students at the beginning of the semester (see the dates and programs in the Field Specific information sections above).

Participation in the orientation is compulsory. You will get important practical information about studying at Metropolia UAS and get to know other exchange students.

Tutor Service

Apply for a student tutor

You can apply for a student tutor by filling in the online form. We warmly recommend applying for a tutor, since they are your best guides in Finland and at Metropolia during your first days, and they will help you meet and socialize with other students.

Before arrival

Covid-19 Update

When crossing the border to Finland, make sure you have with you:

  • a print-out of the acceptance certificate you received from Metropolia (PDF attachment complete with signatures)
  • your passport
  • for non-EU students holding a study-based residence permit in another EU-country: a print-out of the certificate of your right to stay in Finland (sent to you by the Immigration Service via email within 30 days of submitting the Mobility Notification) and your residence permit
  • for non-EU students: your Finnish residence permit for studies

The requirement for self-quarantine depends on the country you currently live in and you will be arriving from.

  • No self-quarantine is required for students arriving from countries for which border control has been lifted.
  • Students arriving from countries, which are still subject to internal or external border control, must limit unnecessary local contacts for 10 days and follow self-quarantine regulations. These students are also expected to arrive in Finland 10 days before the start of their studies.

Please see country-specific information from the Finnish Government and the Finnish Border Guard.

Get excited about coming to Finland!

Your contact person before and during your exchange is the International Coordinator in your field of study here in Metropolia.

Explore our website with plenty of information on Metropolia’s services and the Helsinki region. We are also on Facebook and Instagram (@metropolia_exchange). To see what’s happening in the student circles, check also Metropolia Student Union METKA and the local Erasmus Student Network ESN Metropolia on Facebook.

We are happy to have you with us and help you with any questions you might have. You will always have someone to talk to; your tutor, the International Office staff, the contact persons of your field of study in Metropolia and fellow students. We are here to make your stay in Finland as pleasant and memorable as possible.

Metropolia commits to respecting the principles of the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education to facilitate and support your exchange experience in Finland.



On the first days in Finland

Upon arrival

  • You can check the transport connections in HSL Journey Planner. Note! your student discount is valid only during your study period, i.e. starting on the first day of the orientation when you also get the necessary certificates. For day tickets, see HSL website.
  • Make sure you know how to get to the orientation site (see your orientation programme in the Field Specific Information section above)!
  • Changes in your Learning Agreement can be made in the beginning of the semester.