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The project ended on March 31, 2014.

Metropolia University of Applied Science’s research unit Electria is developing a solar powered learning environment for developing countries. The 18-month Tekes-funded project was launched in November 2012.

The SunEdu project, together with Finnish companies, is developing for off-grid schools a solar powered learning environment, where updated teaching materials can be distributed over the net. The objective is to develop a cost-effective solar powered learning environment that is applicable also in circumstances where the supply of electricity could fail due to, for example, earth quakes, floods and other natural disasters.

This project includes collaboration with Tumain University in Iringa, Tanzania, where we will study the local school environment, teaching methods, and test different ways of transmitting the learning materials over the net. Later there will be a pilot at a school in Tanzania to test and verify the learning environment concepts.

During the project different solar panel technologies, their environmental footprint, recyclability and demands for other functions from the reading device will be studied.

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