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The project is over.

There is a need for more flexible evaluation models and processes with peers to reduce the inertia of heavy accreditations/evaluations in HEIs.

QAEMarketPlace4HEI -project proposes a flexible and collaborative method, processes and tools for degree program and higher education evaluation, as a complement for weighty and ponderous accreditations. The innovativeness of the project lies in the collaborative model of quality assurance that can complement accreditations and existing quality assurance systems.

The project promotes and strengthens the European cooperation in quality assurance while designing and piloting new kind of continuous, accessible, cooperation based model, tools and a virtual platform (the Market Place) supporting so called cross-sparring between institutions. Cross-sparring is to be understood as a process to make feedback more collaborative, concrete and objective, thanks to critical, but discreet brainstorming sessions, where strategies can be discussed, repeatedly contributing to the quality assurance with a critical external view.

The Market Place serves as a tool for finding the best possible sparring partners as well as a forum for networking, sharing experiences, information and best practices.

The project consortium consists of eight European higher education institutions:

  • Reykjavik University
  • Umeå University
  • Aarhus University School of
  • Engineering
  • Metropolia University of
  • Applied Sciences (Helsinki)
  • Queen's University Belfast
  • Aston University
  • Telecom Bretagne

Further Information

tki-info [at] 

QA and Enhancement Marketplace for HEIs – An Erasmus+ project (pdf)

Experiences on collaborative quality enhancement using cross-sparring between two universities (pdf)