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Project objective

The main objective of this project is to promote the cooperation between the partner institutions by addressing the risk factors common to many chronic conditions of different age groups (children, adults, aging population).

On the basis of the above-mentioned needs, the specific objectives of the project are:

  1. To strengthen the co-operation between the partner institutions (Tokushima University / Faculty of Dentistry and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences / Department of Health Promotion).
  2. To increase cultural knowledge and cultural sensitivity among teachers and students in the partner institutions by the means of student, teacher and staff exchanges.
  3. To develop an inter-professional e-learning course to address the risk factors between oral and general health in different age groups.

Project outcome

We expect this project “The common risk factor approach: Developing an international e-learning course for oral hygiene students in Finland and Japan” to generate the following:

  • Students who cannot participate in student exchanges (e.g. personal reasons, students with children) have possibilities to strengthen their intercultural competences via e-learning initiatives.
  • Distribution of know-how and knowledge via the methods of intercultural and educational technology.
  • Teacher exchanges (Number of mobilities = 10)
  • Student exchanges (Number of mobilities = 10 + 4 self-financing mobility)
  • Number of expected ECTS credits: 4 x 15= 60 ECTS for Finnish students and 14 x 2= 28 ECTS for Japanese students.
  • Increasing cultural knowledge and cultural sensitivity among the participating students and teachers.
  • By cultural exchange, promoting the interest of young students as a future healthcare professionals towards the vulnerable groups of the population that have significant health risks.
  • Increasing the student mobility in both institutions.
  • Initiatives for future research and development projects between TU and Metropolia.
  • 2 publications in the professional journals (one in English and one in Japanese).
  • New teaching materials in risk factor approach, e-learning course total 6 ECTS. (In Metropolia 3 ECTS included in the curriculum of degree program in oral hygiene and in Japan optional course for undergraduate students and for master students, 1 unit in the bachelor and 2 units in the master degree course).
  • There will be new e-learning content in study modules which focus on oral health of children and youth, connections in general health and oral health and also gerontological and gerodontological health issues."

More information

Saila Pakarinen, Project Manager

Saila.Pakarinen [at]