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BGI project has ended in 2020.

Interreg Baltic Sea Region.       European Regional Development Fund - European Union.    BGZ Berliner Gesellschaft für internat. Zusammenarbeit mbH.

Empowering a Booster for Regional Development

Baltic Game Industry (BGI) aimed towards boosting the game industry in the Baltic Sea region (BSR), granting worldwide competitiveness and increasing the overall capacity for innovation.

The map of European games industry reveals some clear hotspots of high game development activities in the Baltic Sea Region. There is a major opportunity for regional businesses, innovation intermediaries and public authorities to learn from each other’s experiences, successful approaches and examples by getting connected, reaching a critical mass of competitive game business and, in the long run, establish an excellent reputation of what henceforth will be known as the the ‘Baltic Sea Game Axis’. 

BGZ Berliner Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit mbH from Germany was the lead partner of the project.

Project extension Baltic Sea Game Incubation: Piloting Network Activities to Foster Game Incubation in the BSR (BSGI) continues to work on these issues – giving special attention to capacity building for game incubators. More about the extension project on webpage.

Helsinki Capital Area Game Ecosystem
Baltic Sea Games - We are the Baltic Sea region

The Main Result

The main project result is a step forward to sustainable economic growth in the game industry, making the BSR a competitive game hotspot, with mutual understanding between innovation intermediaries and game companies, adequately skilled workforce, empowered innovation actors and supportive framework conditions for game start-up & SMEs.

Specific results comprise:

  1. Improved framework conditions for the game industry in the BSR
    • Strengthened expertise at the public authorities (as well as at the agencies that manage funding programmes, chambers and other business support structures etc.)
    • Adapted business development strategies in the region, improved promotion programmes that better fit for the needs of a game start-up, widened information sources for them
    • Improvements in regulations to better meet needs of game start-ups
  2. Increased institutional capacities of support structures - business development and incubation
    • Increased institutional capacities of support structures - incubation, business development
    • Strengthened structures, organisation and know-how of incubators & coaching services
    • Fostered cooperation among incubators (in a country and across BSR) for use  of synergies
  3. Increased business opportunities for and business power of the game industry
    • Strengthened capacities of game SMEs and game start-ups
    • Widened business opportunities for the game industry

Baltic Game Industry – Empowering a Booster for Regional Development 

Capacity Building & Innovation Dialogues - Part 5 Helsinki Finland (pdf)

The extension project Baltic Sea Game Incubation

The extension project Baltic Sea Game Incubation – Piloting Network Activities to Foster Game Incubation in the BSR (BSGI) builds upon the BGI-project and continues to work on boosting the game industry in the Baltic Sea Region – giving special attention to capacity building. Its main objective is to enhance business support of game incubators through strategic transnational collaboration with other game incubators in the Baltic Sea region (BSR). Joining forces in transnational cooperation will significantly raise the impact on industry development as opposed to acting alone. A viable international incubation network, a standardised incubation approach with powerful support tools and the expansion of the talent pool will enable young game studios and game developers to compete successfully in the game market and turn it into a growth market. The lead is again with the BGZ Berliner Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit mbH.

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